Hey everyone. I’m Meaghann, creator of Sealed With Style. I’m currently a marketing and business student and serious fashion enthusist living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I’m all about hanging with my friends and family, online shopping, watching romantic comedies, and reading a good book. Want to know more? Send me an email with any questions you have or check out my FAQ page.


  1. Love it!!!!!!!!!

  2. Meaghann...we absolutely LOVE your blog! all of your fashion tips are great..thanks :) we will keep following and are definitely going to buy some of these clothes and accessories you featured!! <3

  3. Meaghann,

    I work with your famous photographer/uncle and he turned me onto your site. You are adorable and have amazing style!!!! You really inspire me to mix it up!!! I also love that you are following your passion and living the American dream...you go girl!!!!

  4. I just found your blog through Yi-chia at Always Maylee and love it. You have an amazing sense of style and I love how you use color to add interest to all your outfits! I lived in Pittsburgh, PA for 4 years also. Keep up the awesome blogging - I'll be following along!



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