Friday, August 2, 2013


Hi! I am Maddie. I am Meaghann's little sister, and I am taking over the blog today. This tutorial will show you how to do one of my favorite nail art designs: cheetah print! For this design you will need:

- nude nail polish
- light brown nail polish
- dark brown or black nail polish
- a bobby pin
- a clear plastic bag
- any nail polish topcoat

STEP #1: Paint all of your nails with the nude polish. Let them dry completely.

STEP #2: Next, take the plastic bag and put a few drops of the light brown polish on it.  Take the bobby pin and separate it by bending one side backwards so it makes a "V." This will serve as your dotting tool for the cheetah spots. Bobby pins are great for creating dots. (I use the plastic bag because it makes it much easier to dip the bobby pin in the drops of polish rather than dipping it into the bottle itself.)

STEP #3: Dip one of the tips of the bobby pin into the light brown polish on the plastic bag and start making small dots on the nail. Let the dots dry.

STEP #4: Next, put a few drops of the dark brown/black polish on the plastic bag and dip one of the tips of the bobby pin into it. To make the darker part of the cheetah spot, I like to make tiny "C's" around the light brown dots with the dark brown. Feel free to add additional small spots with the dark brown. You can put cheetah print on all of your nails or just create accent nails like I did. Let the spots dry.

STEP #5: Finish off with any topcoat of your choice! (I used a matte topcoat I found at Sephora; you don't want your cheetah spots to look too shiny.)

Use these steps for some fun weekend nails! And don't forget to check back all weekend long for some more awesome outfit and inspiration posts.


  1. thanks for the tips! can't wait to try this for myself :)


  2. They are easier to make than I thought! Looks amazing. Thanks for sharing, will have to try this out.


  3. This looks so fun! Perfect weekend nails!

  4. maddie great work! love the cheetah! you have mad skills!


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