Friday, September 28, 2012

24/7 Fashionistas

The weather these last couple of days in Pittsburgh has not been that great (okay, more like awful downpours). I haven't been able to go out and document my looks much this week, and I am not liking it. But what I do like is to online shop and sip tea when it's raining (who doesn't love that?). So what am I shopping for when it's raining? Cute fall pieces of course! Take a look at my favs now! 

Sweater  /  Jeans  /  Purse  /  Belt  /  Bracelet  /  Heels

...With Rich Colors

Blazer  /  Shirt  /  Pants  /  Purse  /  Heels  /  Nail Polish

...With a Pattern Play

Skirt  /  Necklace  /  Sweater  /  Flats  /  Purse  /  Sunnies

...With Sleek Lines


  1. I enjoy your pictures a lot but I also like when you post like this at times.

  2. Rain here all day also ( Indiana ) I like the last picture post. Have a great week-end and I am looking forward to next weeks post so here is to nice weather.

  3. Rainy days in western PA :( You have a great fashion blog.

  4. Shoping online is my favorite pass time you take a cup of good coffee have a seat and shop away. I am so glad that I found you blog about three months ago I enjoy you style and your pictures.

  5. oh online shopping is my biggest enemy lol! haha i do it WAYY to much! love your picks! loving that burgundy bag on top!!!

    XO Meghan

    p.s. it is raining here too :/ blah!

  6. Hi, I SO,SO,SO LOVED THE SECIND BOARD WITH GREEN PANTS AND bright jacket, super chic!
    I subscribed to your blog via email, and liked you on facebook, but coudn't find you bloglovin button - do you have one? Let me know ;o)

  7. I love the first post


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