Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sweet Summer Time

Top: American Eagle   Shorts: American Eagle (on sale now!)   Sandals: Unknown Brand   Hat: American Eagle   Purse: Fossil (similar here) Sunnies: Unknown Brand

Top: American Eagle   Shorts: American Eagle   Shoes: Coach (similar here)   Belt: H&M   Scarf: Target   Sunnies: Unknown Brand (similar here)   Wristlet: Coach

Top: American Eagle (on sale now!)   Shorts: American Eagle   Shoes: American Eagle (similar here)   Belt: Target   Purse: Ralph Lauren via TJ Maxx (similar here)   Sunnies: Kenneth Cole

It is the start of a sweet summer, and you know what that means! Ice cream dates, amusement parks, and laying out by the pool all day long! These three outfits are perfect for any summer occasion, whether its walking all day at an amusement park or playing mini golf in the sun. There are three different types of shorts that every girl should own. Your closet should have a skort, boyfit shorts, and a bright colored short. All are perfect for summer and running around in the hot sun! Hope everyone is enjoying the start of summer break! 
PS... How cute are my two younger sisters? 


  1. i love all of these! they make the perfect outfits for an amusement park!

  2. All of these outfits are super cute. Luv your blog!!!!!!

  3. After viewing your blog I noticed your style tips were geared towards women. I was wondering if you had any suggestions about dressing a boyfriend? Seeing the style you have, I would assume that your boyfriend would have equally amazing style.

    Thanks for the help, XO doll :)

  4. i love the second outfit! it seems so comfy, simple, and definitely something i would wear on a regular basis. i also never thought of wearing a scarf as a hair accessory! love it!!
    your blog is ah-mazing! :) <3


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