Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Swimsuits for Every Body Type!

1 (bottoms here), 2 (bottoms here3 (bottoms here), 4 (bottoms here)
If you are top heavy, you need support! Wear tops that are thicker strapped or a suit with a sports bra effect! Also, wearing a different texture bottom (white suit) will even out proportions. 

1 (bottoms here), 23 (bottoms here), 4 (bottoms here)
If you are bottom heavy, you want to wear a print or pattern on top and a solid one on the bottom to distract the eye towards your upper half!

1(bottoms here), 23 (bottoms here), 4
If you are curvy, you want to embrace your curves by wearing a black or floral one piece. Also, the tankini is great because it hides whatever you need it to. Outlining details (first suit) show off curves well! 

12 (bottoms here), 34 (bottoms here)
If you are flat chested, you want to add volume to your chest and upper half by wearing a bathing suit with ruffles, frills, or fringe!

12 (bottoms here), 34
If you are flat bottomed, you want to create volume on your lower half by adding frills and ruffles. You also want to get a boy cut short so your bottom looks fuller!

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